Discovery and development


Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) vaccine

In parallel with the development of NWH, the pre-clinical documentation, GMP production and clinical preparation for Vacc-Diab1 (the Type 1 Diabetes vaccine) will be undertaken alongside clinical Phase I and II trials. The vaccine is derived from multi-strain Coxsackie virus B antigens and will satisfy the immense world-wide need in treating not only the growing number of cases of Type 1 Diabetes but also serving as a preventive Coxsackie B virus (CVB) vaccine. The complexity of CVB makes the CPSPVP superior to conventional vaccine approaches. For example, a recent study using the whole virus caused development of Type 1 Diabetes instead of protection from it. Immunor’s analyses had predicted that such a risk was present, and that has now been verified.

Neuropathy and Wound Healing drug candidate (NWH).

Immunor is poised to achieve near-term breakthrough success with NWH – its Diabetes Type 2 neuropathy-wound healing drug by prepare a complete pre-clinical package as well as prepare for GMP manufacturing and clinical safety and efficacy study data. 


Onco-viral therapies – brain cancer

Immunor plans to accelerate the Phase II clinical trial synergy work on onco-viral vaccines derived from Cytomegalovirus (CMV) antigens – Vacc-Ct1. This combines the Immunor patented product candidates with newly conjoined patented IP from Professor Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér’s CMV cancer related research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm which enables development of Söderberg-Nauclér research into antivirals for cancer therapies, primarily for Glioblastoma.

Söderberg-Nauclér’s discovery, preclinical and clinical research is complementary to Immunor’s numerical discovery platform and clinical
development experience. The parties see substantial additional research and development synergies in combining resources from Immunor’s precise selection of key vaccine targets with Söderberg-Nauclér’s vast discovery and clinical experience.

Glioblastoma is the primary indications that will be clinically studied using Immunor’s Vacc-Ct1 in combination with other new and /or existing cancer therapies.


Entry inhibitor drug candidate

For the CRX drug project, Immunor is working on a pre-clinical package which will include safety and efficacy data. The CRX drug candidates are designed to block the co-receptor CCR5 and prevent HIV from entering CD4 cells and replicate. This principle is inspired by the CCR5 defect bone marrow transplantations that allowed the Berlin and London patients to fully eradicate HIV and leading to a complete cure. The important consequence of an effective entry inhibitor like CRX, is that it can be used to drain HIV from reservoirs. When used in combination with a vaccine like vaccine Vacc-45 (Vacc-4x + Vacc-C5), therefore has the potential to create a functional HIV cure.

Preventative and therapeutic HIV vaccine

The HIV vaccine Vacc-45 is based on a combination of Vacc-4x and Vacc-C5, two vaccines tested in several therapeutic human clinical trials. Vacc-4x has demonstrated statistically significant clinical efficacy in human clinical trials in Europe and USA. The combination will address both immune activation as well as killing of HIV infected cell.