Immunor’s virus characterization technique is identified as sector-leading. The CPSPVP and the vaccines and drugs it supports has a fundamentally different design starting point to other platforms: highly complex numeric analyses and computational guided discovery and design processes, Unlike other current vaccines this leads to an extreme precision in guiding the immune system to develop predetermined specific and flexible responses – which are their common Mode of Action.

This is unlike traditional vaccines using whole dead bacteria, viruses, virus – like particles or sub-units as vaccine antigens. With no selectivity, naturally occurring proteins or even shorter fragments of proteins leave the immune system to choose what are the best and immuno dominant natural epitopes even if such epitopes are redundant, non-critical and harmless if they are attacked. It also leaves a risk of cytokine storm if the immune system becomes ‘confused’ which can lead to vaccinogenic injury. This is in contrast to the Immunor CPSPVP which is using numerical prediction methods enabling the selectivity part of CPSPVP to preselect and home in on certain specific and vulnerable target epitope domains to ensure safety and efficacy. By using such preselected vital targets, the immune system can induce very specific responses for either prevention or treatment.